The Alec Bradley Tempus Maduro cigar is the real deal, friends. There’s no need for hype or bold claims or shouting about ratings (even if it does lay claim to some 94’s. Shhhhh). What we’ve got here is perhaps the ultimate expression of the skill and talent that exists at Alan Rubin’s already much-heralded company. Rich, lush tobaccos from across the best growing regions of Honduras and Nicaragua have been expertly fermented and aged, then blended in just the right way to produce a chewy and delicious full-bodied smoke. Carefully rolled by torcedors at the top of their game, each 6” X 58 Tempus Maduro is finished with an exquisite Habano-seed wrapper sourced from one small field along Honduras’ Southern border.

The fertile soil of Trojes from whence this outer cover comes has imparted its own intense character into every aspect of the leaf, including the eye-catching color. More importantly, the layers upon layers of flavor captured within the generously apportioned longleaf filler are enhanced by the wrapper’s inherent qualities to produce a profile both molasses sweet and red pepper spicy, with a smooth creaminess that reveals hints of milk chocolate, cedar, rum, cashews, and gingerbread.

These sticks are a frequent contender in the Top-25 annual lists, with an ultra-premium taste at an ultra-inexpensive price. You could spend three times the cost on something else and still not be as satisfied. So dig into the cushions of your couch for change and get yourself some Alec Bradley Tempus Maduro cigars. It might just be the best decision you make this year.


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